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Welcoming God’s Presence

Little Falls Chapel Easter Sermon

By Pastor Linda Reese

Today’s focus: God desires to bless His people with His presence and express appreciation. King Solomon builds a temple so magnificent that God’s glory fills it, overwhelming the priests.

Building the Temple:

  • Seven-year construction using finest materials and skilled craftsmen.
  • Temple becomes the center of Israel’s worship, replacing the portable Tabernacle.
  • Detailed description of temple furnishings and their symbolism:
    • Cherubim (God’s holiness)
    • Ark of the Covenant (God’s presence)
    • Altar of incense (prayer)
    • Golden lampstands (God’s light)
    • Bronze altar (sacrifice)

Dedication of the Temple:

  • Solomon gathers elders and tribal heads to emphasize the event’s significance.
  • Temple’s beauty is useless without God’s blessing.
  • Ark of the Covenant is placed in the Holy of Holies, never to be moved again.

God’s Manifest Presence:

  • Priests withdraw from the Holy of Holies.
  • Cloud of Glory fills the Temple, signifying God’s acceptance and presence.
  • Even Moses had experienced the same awe when God’s glory filled the Tabernacle.

God’s Promises (1 Kings 8:15-21):

  • God kept His promise to David.
  • Solomon acknowledges God’s faithfulness and fulfillment of His word.
  • God’s presence among His people is emphasized over the physical temple.

God’s Presence in the Past:

  • Pillar of cloud and fire guided Israelites through the wilderness.
  • God’s glory appeared in a cloud on Mount Sinai.

Seeing God Today and in the Future:

  • We cannot see God directly in our imperfect state.
  • Jesus Christ is the revelation of God, the way to the Father.
  • In eternity, we will see God face to face and be made perfect.

Solomon’s Prayer:

  • Focuses on God’s faithfulness and mercy.
  • Acknowledges God’s greatness and the Temple’s insufficiency to contain Him.
  • Requests God’s presence and answer to prayers.

Solomon’s Specific Petitions:

  • For God’s guidance in various situations (drought, famine, war).
  • Acknowledgment that punishment follows disobedience.

Dedication and Celebration:

  • 14-day feast with abundant sacrifices.
  • Celebration of God’s goodness to David and Israel.

Sacrifice for Christians Today:

  • Loyalty to God in praise, prayer, and actions.
  • Giving up earthly desires.
  • Offering praise and thanksgiving to God.


  • Solomon emphasizes God’s faithfulness to His promises.
  • Importance of recognizing God’s presence in our lives.
  • Challenge to live consecrated lives that witness to God’s glory.

Reflection Questions:

  • How have you experienced God’s presence in your life?
  • What sacrifices can you offer to God today?
  • How can you live a life that reflects God’s glory?

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