Breaking Free from Wickedness and Sexual Immorality

A vivid depiction of Heaven and Hell, with a golden celestial city and angels on one side, and a dark, fiery landscape filled with tormented souls on the other.

To all who find themselves entangled in the darkness of wickedness and sexual immorality, hear the truth that must pierce your hearts. The paths you tread, though they may seem enticing and fulfilling in the moment, lead only to Read more

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Overcoming The Sins Of The Word

A pair of hands breaking free from chains against a cloudy sky, symbolizing overcoming sins.

Pastor Linda Reese discusses how believers can overcome the world through their relationship with God. She emphasizes that a false sense of security can develop if believers focus on their own good works as a means to spiritual victory. Read more

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Healing by God’s Mercy: An In-Depth Exploration of Faith and Prayer

A detailed relief sculpture depicting Jesus healing a group of people, symbolizing divine mercy and compassion.

The concept of healing by God’s mercy is deeply rooted in the Christian faith, representing the profound belief in God’s power to restore, renew, and heal those who seek Him with a sincere heart. This article delves into the Read more

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Why Doesn’t God Save Everyone? A Biblical and Theological Exploration

The question, “Why doesn’t God save everyone?” is a joint and profound inquiry that has perplexed believers and skeptics alike. It arises from genuine concern, theological curiosity, or even doubt about God’s character. However, to fully understand this question, Read more

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Heaven and Hell Is For Real

  • Luke 16:19-23
  • Matthew 19:23-26
  • James 2:5
  • Luke 16:19
  • Luke 16:24-31
  • Matthew 25:41-46
  • Revelation 20:11-13
  • Matthew 13:47-50
  • Revelation 20:14-15

Key Themes:

  • The reality of hell and eternal separation from God should motivate people to seek salvation.
  • Salvation is not merely Read more
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Welcoming God’s Presence

A vibrant image featuring a bird perched on a branch in a field of flowers, with the text "Welcoming God's Presence," a hashtag #LITTLEFALLSCHAPEL, and a "Subscribe" button overlayed on the image.

Little Falls Chapel Easter Sermon

By Pastor Linda Reese

Today’s focus: God desires to bless His people with His presence and express appreciation. King Solomon builds a temple so magnificent that God’s glory fills it, overwhelming the priests.

Building Read more

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Easter’s 3 Questions for a Renewed Life

A promotional image with the text "Three Questions to Answer" in bold white letters, set against a backdrop of a colorful sunset, featuring the name Pastor Linda Reese and Little Falls Chapel.

Little Falls Chapel Easter Sermon

By Pastor Linda Reese

This sermon focuses on the events leading up to Easter Sunday and the three essential questions that Mary Magdalene faced, which we must also answer today.

The Last Supper

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Do you have True Faith That Moves Mountains?

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Open Your Heart to God: Path to Love & Redemption

A person kneeling in a field with one hand raised towards the sky during a sunset, symbolizing an open heart to God.

In our fast-paced world, filled with distractions and challenges, the concept of opening your heart to God can seem both daunting and distant. Yet, this act is the gateway to experiencing His boundless love, unending grace, and transformative power. Read more

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A Journey of Connection and Love

A Journey of Connection and Love

At our core, we believe in the power of connection and love. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to feel disconnected and lost. That’s why our mission is Read more

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