A pair of hands breaking free from chains against a cloudy sky, symbolizing overcoming sins.

Overcoming The Sins Of The Word

Pastor Linda Reese discusses how believers can overcome the world through their relationship with God. She emphasizes that a false sense of security can develop if believers focus on their own good works as a means to spiritual victory. True victory comes through a relationship with God nurtured by prayer, Bible study, and obedience to God’s word.

Pastor Reese refers to several passages from the Bible including 2 Peter 1:4, Ephesians 1:16-17, and 1 John 5:3-5. She emphasizes that believers are given the power to overcome sin through Jesus Christ. Knowing God’s word is essential to living a victorious Christian life. Pastor Reese concludes by encouraging listeners to put on the whole armor of God each day.

Sermon Notes:


  • Theme: Believers can overcome the world through their relationship with God.
  • Caution: Don’t rely solely on personal habits or good works for spiritual victory.
  • Key: God’s empowering presence is essential for effective Christian living.

1. The Knowledge of God Brings Grace, Peace, and Power (2 Peter 1:1-4)

  • Grace and Peace: God gives us these virtues as we grow in our knowledge of Him.
  • God’s Power: We need His power to live victoriously in a sinful world.
  • God’s Promises: The more we study and apply His word, the more we know His promises and become like Him.

2. Faith in Action (2 Peter 1:5-11)

  • Faith produces excellence: This leads to knowing God better, self-control, perseverance, godliness, and love.
  • Hard work: These virtues don’t come automatically; they require effort.
  • Proof of Calling: Working on these qualities demonstrates that we are truly God’s.
  • Stumbling and Falling: Neglecting these virtues can lead to spiritual blindness and forgetting God’s cleansing.

3. Continually Remember the Truth (2 Peter 1:12-19)

  • Firmly established: Peter wants believers to be deeply rooted in God’s truth.
  • Eyewitnesses: The Bible was written by those who personally witnessed Jesus’s work.
  • God’s Word is truth: Not cleverly invented stories, but reliable and dependable.

4. Keep Alert and Pray (Matthew 26:40-41)

  • Overcoming temptation: Requires alertness and prayer.
  • Weak body: The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak.
  • God’s strength: Prayer connects us to God’s power to resist the enemy.

5. Pray without Ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

  • Consistent prayer: Links us to God’s presence, power, and nature.
  • Prayerful attitude: Acknowledges our dependence on God.
  • Spontaneous prayers: Short prayers throughout the day are natural when we have a prayerful attitude.

6. Praying for Others (Ephesians 1:16-17)

  • Paul’s example: He prayed constantly for his fellow believers.
  • Knowing God better: The goal of Paul’s prayers for the Ephesians.
  • Wisdom and revelation: Prayer brings understanding and insight into God’s will.

7. The Whole Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17)

  • Spiritual warfare: We are in a battle against the devil’s schemes.
  • God’s Armor:
    • Belt of Truth
    • Breastplate of Righteousness
    • Gospel of Peace as shoes
    • Shield of Faith
    • Helmet of Salvation
    • Sword of the Spirit (God’s Word)

8. Faithfulness to God (Psalms 31:23-24)

  • The faithful: Protected by God, experience strength, and have hope.
  • The faithless: Experience harsh punishment and lack hope.

9. Trustworthy Saying (2 Timothy 2:11-13)

  • Eternal life with Christ: Promised to those who die and endure with Him.
  • Disowning Christ: Leads to being disowned by Him.
  • God’s faithfulness: He remains faithful even when we are not.

10. Loving God Means Keeping His Commandments (1 John 5:3-5)

  • Not burdensome: God’s commands lead to true happiness.
  • Overcoming the world: Through faith in Jesus, the Son of God.


  • Faithfulness to God: Key to overcoming the world.
  • Put on the whole armor of God: For protection against the enemy.
  • Remember: God is faithful, even when we are not.

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